Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The last few days in Guangzhou

The last few days we have been settling in Guangzhou. Like everywhere else it has been hot and humid.  We did enjoy a bit of a cool down Monday and Tuesday and a downpour on Sunday.  We welcome the rain for some nice relief from the heat.  Sunday we toured a Folk Art Museum which was pretty uneventful.  We met up with one other family from our agency who has been in Guangzhou their whole trip. They brought along their 15 year old daughter who has been a welcome addition for our kids to hang out with.  After the museum we hit Shamian Island to do a little bit of shopping.  We went to Jenny's Place like we did when we visited 3 1/2 years ago.  We bought Brooklyn some squeaky shoes and cute Chinese outfits.

On Monday Brooklyn had her medical exam.  She hated it!  She screamed and cried until it was all over. Thankfully she is still under two and doesn't need blood work or a TB test.....that would have been a nightmare! As far as we know she checked out fine and we can continue to move forward.  As we were at the medical exam we ran into a gentleman who was adopting two boys, one 13 and the other 14.   Monday was the 14yr olds birthday.  Once you're 14 you have aged out and are not adoptable. He made it just in time! Praise God they both have a family now.  Apparently they were both very good at soccer.  They were both recruited from their orphanage to play for an international soccer school.  They must be very talented.  Our conversation was cut short as they had to move on.  Hopefully we will run into them again and hear more.  My heart was full when I saw those 2 boys placed with a forever family.

The rest of Monday and Tuesday were free days.  We took the kids swimming Monday afternoon and then went for a walk in the evening. Tuesday we ventured out by taxi to the other "adoption hotel" The Garden.  Near that hotel was many more shopping and eating establishments.  We went to a well known place called Tekila for some Mexican food.  It was yummy and a nice change of pace.  We are weary of Chinese food at this point.

Brooklyn is doing pretty well.  She definitely knows how to turn on the crying when she wants her way.  We will deal with that more when we get home.  Nap and bedtime continue to be the hardest.  She generally cries and cries until she falls asleep.  Usually I am her pillow and if I play it just right I can slide her off of me and lay her on the bed.  She comes from a foster family that had a family bed....hopefully we can wean her off of that too when we get home.  I don't sleep very well with her on me.  If she's not on me I almost always need to be touching her or she will fuss.  She enjoys all the kids for the most part.  If the littler ones get in her face too much she pushes them out.  She likes to flirt with Aaron.  She definitely will have him wrapped around her little finger....he is quite smitten by her.  Some have asked how we think Jack will do with a new little sister.  He has been doing great!  He is very sweet and patient with her even when she pushes him away.  He has also traveled very well for a 5 year old. I am glad he was able to experience this trip with us.
A new traditional Chinese outfit for Jack
Snuggles with Aaron

*Tuesday night Doug was able to put her to sleep for the first time in several days.  It was a nice break for me.  She slept well with little interruptions. She has some sort of upper respiratory issues that are causing a wet cough and a very runny nose.  We gave her meds last night that may have helped her sleep better too.

Brooklyn and her foster sister have not seemed to care about each other over the last week.  A couple of days ago Brooklyn approached her and held her hand.  This has now happened  a couple of times.  It is so sweet to see them interact.  Their family will be leaving Thursday after they receive their
daughter's visa.  So just one more day together.
Shamian Island
Shamian Island 3 1/2 years ago
This is often how we sleep or she's laying on top of me

Brooklyn with her foster sister

Clinging to Mama
Jack felt similar 3 1/2 years ago

Terrified as she's getting weighed

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  1. Love the picture of Brooklyn and Aaron together. So sweet. I am praying for her comfort as she assimilates into your family. Bless you all. Carol