Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Settling in at Home

First time at In N Out Burger...yum!

Snuggling with Baba
Playing with her birthday presents
Enjoying our neighbors swing
First time to Mickey's Yogurt

Reading Goodnight Moon

She is so well loved!
*I apologize that this post begins with pictures.  Every time I add a new one it won't let me add to the bottom of the post.  I am very technically challenged and that is one reason I only blog for a short time.

We've been home for a full two weeks today.  Ahh....it is so good to be home! I did enjoy China but being away from home helps you appreciate it all the more when you return.  Brooklyn did well on the plane ride home.  I had high expectations as Jack was an amazing traveler when he came home.  She fussed when we took off and landed as she had to wear a seatbelt.  She's never had to be restrained before in a vehicle.  China doesn't require seatbelts or carseats.  We arrived to LAX at 2:45pm.  It took a couple of hours to get through immigration.  We were on the road by 5:30 headed home.  She didn't like the seatbelt on the plane but she hated the carseat.  She cried until she fell asleep for most of the ride home.  We arrived home around 10:45.  Our neighbors had a sign welcoming Brooklyn as we drove in and some friends put a sign in the house.  We also were blessed with food in the fridge and snacks too.  Thank you friends who blessed us!

Overall Brooklyn is doing very well.  She is realizing she is home and not at another hotel.  She is opening up more and more.  She is still a little shy when someone new comes to visit but has improved a lot since the first visitors.  She is trying to talk more.  She now says:
GuGu(big brother)
She also has said baby, and sings songs-she loves music
She babbles too.  I'm not sure if it's just baby babble or Cantonese

Bedtime continues to be the hardest tradition.  However, she is showing signs of trusting us more and more.  She doesn't always cry when she goes to bed.  She likes to read "Goodnight Moon" our family favorite.  She is just a real sweet blessing to our family.  All of the kids really love helping her and loving on her.  I'll post some pictures below of what we've been up to over the last two weeks.
Unhappy in her first carseat ride

Exhausted from crying
Celebrating Aaron's bday
Enjoying the pool
Celebrated her 2nd Birthday with family
Sharing cake with Grace
Opening presents....she already loves clothes!


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