Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our little Jack-O-Lantern
Yesterday marked our 1 year anniversary of meeting our son Jack.  Today is the official adoption anniversary of Jack Zan Biao LaCroix. The year has flown by!  We love our little guy and am blessed to have him here.  He has grown up so much this last year.  He went from diapers and bottles to underwear and feeding himself.  It is amazing how the Lord is faithful to hear and answer prayers.  Jack has truly been grafted into our family and we LOVE him dearly!  Thank  you Father for showing us a glimpse of our adoption into your family!  I don't have a lot to say, but lots of pictures to share of our last year together.
Jack's first ice cream experience

First beach trip

First climb

First surgery

Happy after anesthesia

First birthday party

First Easter

First Egg Hunt


Bryce Canyon

First camping trip
First trip to buy a Christmas tree!


Celebrating with our travel buddies!
So cute!