Saturday, August 20, 2011

Video from China of Jack!!

I received a couple of videos of Jack today.  He seems to be getting around very well.  This is the shorter of the two, but does show him walking around his room.  Notice that all the kids are laying down.  He is taking advantage of his freedom for the moment and walking around the room.  If you also look closely at his hair, they have shaved a mowhawk.  Very interesting...a 16month old with a semi-mohawk.  Again, I am so grateful that our friends went to visit Jack and took these precious videos and pictures of him.  Thanks Jon and Liz!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My friends visiting Jack

As I have stated in a past blog, we have some friends who are adopting a little guy who was from the same orphanage as Jack.  They were several months ahead of us in the process.  They had their "Gotcha Day" on Monday.  On Wednesday they took a 2 1/2 hour bus ride out to the orphanage.  I was trying not to set my heart on them going.  Trips to the orphanages don't always work out. As it turns out they did go and met our little Jack.  She let me know a few hours before the trip.  China is 15 hours ahead of us.  I was anxious to see if we would receive pics on Wednesday morning here in California.  I happened to wake up at 2 am and checked Doug's iPhone to see if we got the email.  I didn't really think so, cause it was still early evening for them.  They have their hands full, they not only adopted the little guy, but also a little girl!  So sweet!  No pics at 2 am.  Doug left for work at 10 to 6:00.  He called about 6:20 saying we got an email.  My friend said she would take a million pics, and video of him.  She didn't quite make it to the million mark, but she did send me 30!!  She has video, but I might have to wait to get that when they get back to the states.  Here are some of my favorites :)

This is my favorite!  I love the smirk on his face!!

This is what she said for her short time with Jack:

Here are some pictures of your sweet boy. The orphanage seems decent, but still an orphanage.  Your little guy seems very healthy and attached to his caregiver. I have video of him walking around his room while all the other kids were lying down for a nap. I think you may have trouble on your hands! I admit to falling into tears when I touched his face and prayed for him. It is difficult to imagine him being there for so many more months when you are so ready to bring him home.

Although I am aching to be with Jack, there is joy in our friends visit.  Knowing that she was able to see him and pray with him is amazing to me.  Thousands of orphanages in China and we both have sons from the same one!