Sunday, September 11, 2011

8 weeks/ 56 days we waited for our LOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday, September 7 we received our acceptance letter (LOA) from China to officially adopt Jack.  The kids and I were all at their once a week class.  I was hoping to get LOA that day, but had no way of checking our email.  Doug had been advised to check it often and let me know.  It was 10:36 am, I was in class with Aaron and thought I should check my phone for a text.  I thought it was possible to have missed a text from Doug since my phone was on vibrate.  I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and saw that Doug was calling.  I quickly answered.  Doug said, "This is the call you've been waiting for!"  I was overcome with excitement.  Had I not been at a church with classes going on, I would have screamed.  It was the best news in our adoption journey so far.  Now that we have our LOA, we have a rough timeline as to when we will travel.  The time between now and when we travel is approximately 11 weeks.  We are hoping to be traveling to China in the end of November to early December.  We could possibly be gone for Thanksgiving.  The Lord's timing is perfect as always.  He is teaching me to trust Him in all things.  Our friends also received their LOA the same day.  It is very likely that we will travel together.  What a blessing that will be to have our brother and sister in Christ to go on this journey with!!  It is not certain, but I am praying that we will be traveling together.