Sunday, July 5, 2015


While waiting for paperwork we spent Thursday and Friday exploring the beautiful city of Guilin. We saw tourists from all over the world visiting Guilin. Our first day we took a boat down the Li River.  The scenery was beautiful, and we could see why this area is featured by many artists, and there are also pictures of this area on the Chinese 20 RMB bill.  Brooklyn's Chinese name is En Hui Li.....we are guessing her last name has something to do with the Li River in Guangxi province.  We enjoyed our trip down the river.  It was raining too (summer is their rainy season) which gave us some relief from the heat.  The cruise ended in the city of Langshau where we were able to walk down the streets with many goods for sale that we could bargain for.  We had fun bargaining with the locals.  We then boarded our bus to head back to the hotel for a two hour ride. Here are some pics:

On Friday we visited a famous cave in Guilin.  Because Guilin is located in a mountainous area, it has many caves, here are some pics:

We also visited a scenic area called Elephant Hill, can you see why?

Lastly, is there nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby?  Forgive the oaf in the background.

Later that evening Aaron and I woke up at the exact same time with symptoms of food poisoning.  Although I am tempted to share details, I will just tell you, it was ugly.  Aaron and I were the only ones to eat a Big Mac at McDonalds that evening, that's all we can figure out (no Sam, it wasn't bean turd).  Who would have thought our "safe" meal at an American restaurant would get us. Thanks to those of you that prayed, as we were able to make our train to Guangzhou.  We were very weak, but the rest of the fam stepped up big time.  Jack, Grace, and Casey are nursing tender stomachs, so we would appreciate prayers that we can stay healthy.  We will be here until we leave on Saturday.  We have an appt. at the US Consulate this week, as well as a required medical exam for Brooklyn.  After the Consulate Appt. we wait to receive Brooklyn's travel visa on Friday.

Unfortunately it is more humid here in Guangzhou than it was in Guilin.  Overall Brooklyn is doing great.  We see more and more smiles and giggles. We also see more of her exerting her will (of course).  Brooklyn is a snuggler, which we love.  Also, she isn't too fond of hotel rooms and let's us know about it.  We are anxious to get her home to "normal".  Brooklyn's trusts us more daily, which is an answer to so many prayers.

Favorite shirt of the day:
"Light Flash With Clay"
"The Growing Seriously Harm You and Ithers Around You"

Much Love from the LaCroixs

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  1. I posted before and it disappeared. Prayers for you all and it is wonderful to see Brooklyn cuddling. Stay healthy. Love, Carol