Monday, June 29, 2015

Brooklyn is an official LaCroix!

*this post is from Monday and Tuesday as I have had a hard time connecting to the internet with the vpn......China doesn't allow social media sites and blocks them.  Therefore we need a vpn to make a tunnel to by pass....but obviously it doesn't always work.

We have our beautiful baby girl! We met Brooklyn around 3:30 this afternoon. She was in a room with her foster sister and nanny. Our guide held her from the door entry so we could get a peak of her before officially meeting her. He actually invited Jack in the room but no one else. We're not sure if it's because Jack is Chinese or little. I think it has to do with his nationality.

Brooklyn is the sweetest girl! She is very quiet and reserved. She has preferred both Doug and I and likes the kids from a distance.  She is now warming up to them today.  We have been told that she was very close with her Baba(foster father). After we returned to the hotel she cried for Baba several times. It was so sad and I tried to comfort her the best I could with a language barrier. Several of the kids started to cry when they saw her crying for him. It was pretty heartbreaking. Now it's been several hours since she had asked for him. Our prayer was that she would receive comfort and love from us and God has been so kind in giving that to her.

Brooklyn is a very tall girl! The measurements were right unlike what I thought.  She barely fits in her 18month clothing.  She also has very large feet with some long toes.

She is doing well so far.  Today she is showing a little more of her will.  She was said to be a "coddled girl" which I am seeing may be pretty accurate.

We went back to the civil affairs office today and made it official.  Brooklyn is officially a LaCroix!

Tomorrow we pack up and go to the city of Guilin.  We will board a train for a few hours. Guilin is a tourist spot we will get to enjoy for the next several days as our paperwork is completed.  We are looking forward to this part of our trip as we have read great things about Guilin.

The first time I got to hold Brooklyn

Our official adoption photo
The first family picture  

Such a sweet face!
Here are a few more pictures from Tuesday:
Being friendly with the Assistant Director of the Orphanage and head nanny

Brooklyn and her foster sister

In the playroom at the Civil Affairs office

Warming up to Aaron


  1. I am praising God for answering our prayers for Brooklyn's transition into your is so sweet how you all just cried with her...such a beautiful picture of the love of our great God! I can't wait to meet this adorable little one :-)

  2. She's so precious! You guys are one good looking family. We have been praying for you and Brooklyn....and for your safe return home. Can't wait to meet her and to see you guys! xx

    Much Love!
    The Rojo's